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An elementary teacher typically only teaches one grade level at a time, but some programs have subject specific teachers who address numerous grade levels. A school secretary is often required to compile attendance, deal with students that are coming or going within the school, handling parent volunteers, and answering phones.

Typically there is only one superintendent per district in each state. A kindergarten teacher is required to teach basic math and literacy skills Education and career also guiding students in emotional, physical, and mental development.

This is one teaching area in which all grade levels can be taught depending on the type of mathematics a person desires to teach. This is in addition to keeping lunch counts, monitoring teacher attendance and substitute needs, keeping school accounting straight, and distributing important information school wide.

Math Teacher A mathematics teacher is responsible for teaching math skills to students at various levels. ESL teachers can work at any grade level within the school system and is responsible for all duties assigned to a typical teacher in addition to ESL activities.

Montessori Teacher A Montessori teacher is unlike the traditional teachers that most people think of when educational environments come to mind.

Education and Careers

This type of teacher is required to complete individualized educational plans each year for every student included on the case load. Principals are typically found at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Education and Training

ESL activities may include translation or simplification of assignments, communication with parents, and serving as an intermediary for students with other teachers as English language skills are improved.

A substitute teacher may be in a different classroom and school each day or the week. Science Teacher A science teacher is most often found at the middle, high school, or college level. A substitute is also required to carry out any duties the regular classroom teacher does as well as keeping students safe and on task.

A kindergarten teacher is required to supervise, assess, test, and teach students the basic skills necessary to build all future education upon. A preschool teacher must be active to keep up with the number of students who will likely be present.

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In addition they may be required to write recommendation letters for college, supervise extracurricular events, and complete daily basic teaching duties including grading, testing, and creating lesson plans.

English teachers work at all levels, but are predominantly found from the sixth grade through college as teachers of solely English.

Though librarians are responsible for the library within the school, they are often also responsible for technology management, scheduling use of the library, and supervision of student helpers at higher levels.

Preschool teachers are expected to teach the basic skills necessary for students to be successful in future school years.A dental education opens up a world of professional opportunities. In addition to private practice, today's dental school graduates can choose to work in hospital emergency rooms, conduct advanced laboratory research, teach future dentists or even travel the world with international health and relief organizations.

Career Education Systems is the Midwest's leading provider of classroom and online real estate courses. We are certified in both Kansas and Missouri. Education and Career. Getting a job you love takes time and thoughtful planning.

Education & Careers

Explore SAM’s resources to help you and your children pursue higher education, choose a career, change careers and make the most of your current employee benefits. Education and training workers guide and train people.

As a teacher, you could influence young lives.

Education & Careers

You could also support the work of a classroom teacher as a counselor, librarian, or principal. Educate To Career is a leading provider of data relating to college admissions, educational attainment and career outcomes. We serve families, colleges, employers and the entire higher education. A physical education teacher is an instructor that focuses on physical development and ability in students of all ages.

A P.E. teacher is required to teach basic skills in a variety of sports based on the age level of the student, as well as keep the students safe during such activities.

Education and career
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