Polar bears research paper

This is the most important part of your research design, and it should address the key unknowns identified in Step 1 above. The Polar ears have gotten near to ft. Identify the key deliverables. Everyone was in daze when they found out how many bears there were really 8.

Research Design

Dad takes the lead, while our friend and fellow trapper Vern Varney brings up the rear. The overwhelming conclusion from years of accumulated conversations with native populations about polar bears is that there is almost no connection between the long-term observations of polar bear ecology and the more recent claims that polar bears as a species are in grave danger due to climate change and thinning sea ice.

You can identify, typically, objectives that will each bring you a step closer to your achieving your aim. Regardless of political differences, the five states contributed scientists to assist and larn more about the bears. Are the resources that you need available? This allows other experts not involved in the research to scrutinize and provide possible edits for a study before it is published in a scientific journal.

The differences were stark. Still, Harvey said that some science denial must be countered in public. Risks and risk mitigation If you are planning on doing fieldwork, you will need to do a risk assessment and clearly identify hazards and how you will mitigate or prevent them.

Actually it does such a good occupation that the bears have to leap in icy H2O, and even turn over in the snow to chill off. Will you need any specific computer resources, packages, programmes, remotely sensed images, computer codes?

Although you will probably write the introduction to your thesis last, a well-designed research project should first work through these steps right from the start. Once you have worked out a rationale for your research, you need to decide on an aim.

An improved understanding of process XX Glacier velocity maps Process-based conceptual models of process YY Quantification of ZZ Analysis of glacier fluctuations over time glacier outlines submitted to GLIMS These deliverables should enable you to test your hypotheses and achieve your aim.

They seldom go below Canada since it is excessively warm at that place. Our schedule, though, was weather dependent, and we arrived later than anticipated. He is a former Mountie, he is in his late 50s, he hails from Grand Prairie, Alta. This is not the case; you need to be able to explain to non-specialists the importance of your work.

You may also be writing small grant proposals for awards and fellowships to attend conferences or pay for fieldwork.

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Make use of their years of training and expertise. Specific, achievable and feasible Specific, clear, over-arching research question Realistic about methods and timescale available Use words like Compare, determine, characterise, explain, quantify, interpret, measure Alternatively, poor aims and objectives typically have the following characteristics: The tusks are one of the most coveted objects from the natural world, adorning scepters and thrones throughout Europe, and reportedly originating the myth of the unicorn.

Papers are only published if they are relevant. Of note, the zoologist Susan Crockford, who writes the blog "Polar Bear Science" found the critique in BioScience tantamount to "academic rape," as she wrote in a tweet.

Even so, the trend is undeniable.

Polar bear

For a PhD or Post-doc student, projects in the upper right not too much time, but large gain in knowledge are best. Discuss your ideas with them, and where you want your research to go. The bears live in Canada or supra. Polar bears have been consuming land-based food well before there was concern about thinning sea ice and climate change.

Polar Bears stay in certain topographic points in the Arctic Circle. What are the key unknowns and key research questions? No matter what you go on to do in your later career, being able to put together a proposal, argue its merits, and design a project, will be valuable skills that you are likely to rely on.

Moreover, even where the ice remains, it is becoming increasingly fragmented. The broad argument is that if polar bears — who largely depend on Arctic sea ice to find food — are doing okay, then there must be doubt about the effect that fossil fuel emissions have on the global climate. On our website, you can explore the historybiology and habitat of the narwhal, and also discover the rare phenomenon of double narwhal tusks.While there is some uncertainty on current polar bear population trends, one thing is certain.

No sea ice means no seals which means no polar bears. With Arctic sea ice retreating at an accelerating rate, the polar bear is at grave risk of extinction. Apr 22,  · Just last year, the World Wildlife Fund’s climate blog headlined that “Polar Bear Population in Canada’s Western Hudson Bay Unlikely to Survive Climate Disruption.”.

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Good college application essay intros cyrene to chaeronea selected essays on. Polar bears are shedding weight—fast. A new study for the first time calculated the amount of calories that polar bears require, and it doesn’t look good for their survival. Their key source.

With polar bears (Ursus maritimus), the technique has only proven effective on landscapes with little topographic relief that are devoid of snow and ice, and time-consuming manual review of imagery is required to identify bears.

Research design is a key part of any dissertation, thesis or paper. Getting it right is important. This article include some hints and suggestionsfor better research design.

Polar bears research paper
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