Radical evolution heaven scenarios

The three biggest possible scenarios, for the human life, is Heaven, Hell and Prevail scenario. In foreseeing what is to become of humankind in the face of all our brilliant technological tools, division happens between people: No one on Earth goes hungry.

The chief talking head assigned to this scenario is Bill Joy, who was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems. In the Heaven Scenario, it is possible that humans will exist, at least partially, as electronic brains in a cloud, connected at will to one another, instantly.

Nowadays, as technologies develop, human being feels as if they are in control of the current technologies. Also, Heaven scenario claims that human life and the society can be fortified by the help and convenience from highly developed technologies.

The most attracting and strongest scenario which persuaded me is Hell scenario. For those that believe replacements for fossil fuel such as solar power and hydrogen are being developed and new technology will save us from our fuel crisis in just a few years Kunstler says that is just living in a dangerous fantasy.

Prevail Scenario does not say about the end. He explains what these guys have been saying for years, only in terms that the Bubbas and Suzies of the world can understand.

The idea that a collection of fancy tools devalues what it means to be human is to doubt the ability of humanity to value itself at all. However, we must understand what all the fuss is about to do so.

All those tools and still, some humans choose to run, as in marathons. By uniting this collected collagen, we could create the same material that could be included in human body.

I am trying to have a research about implanting a different bone in human creature. We always have to find some special thing that only humans can do in order not to be replaced by machines. In this scenario machines would provide humans good customer service and still needing humans to service them as well such as by changing a battery.

Radical Evolution: Prevail Scenario

The Internet, computers, cell phones, and even the most annoying uses of text messaging are just an extension of the desire that wrought the illuminated manuscripts of monks. In the Heaven Scenario, a farmer might live his entire life on a peaceful farm in the mountains, never using a computer, never texting messages.

Is a man who wears prosthesis of some kind or only alive due to the pacemaker in his chest already some kind of post-human? As we fuse with our robots, with brain implants that increase memory or calculation speed, physical enhancements, we will keep technology enhanced humans a step ahead of pure robots.

Radical Evolution -Hell scenario

Furthermore, the story formed compathy with readers by leading them to compare the story with the real society. Moreover, Hell scenario shows the destruction of everything starting from human life to the environment of the Earth.

Radical Evolution -Hell scenario

The second law-a robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law. It is not yet ended. What they need is the belief toward the progress of scientific technology. Here is a simple example.

People fight, debate, and argue. Bran Ferring wrote about evolving human society with this observation: Lastly, Prevail scenario supports balance and harmony with humans and science. The Internet, computers, cell phones, and even the most annoying uses of text messaging are just an extension of the desire that wrought the illuminated manuscripts of monks.

This apocalyptic dimension is a catastrophe in the since that science will create an accident that we can not even imagine.Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau has chapters on two scenarios of the future of humans.

Both Heaven and Hell Scenarios have "The Curve" involved, but the dangers of the GRIN technologies make the Hell Scenario more likely.

The Future of Humankind

You enlist three scenarios—heaven, hell, and prevail—to describe potential outcomes of our technological future. What's the heaven scenario? Jun 20,  · The Heaven Scenario as postulated by Joel Garreau in Radical Evolution is a prediction where humanity combines with technology and attains practical immortality by escaping the limitations of chaotic evolution.

The Future of Humankind.

The Future of Humankind

Scenarios from heaven to hell, with stops along the way Joel Garreau's Radical Evolution joins several recent titles that attempt to make sense of the radical future.

Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, The most interesting parts of the book is the three scenarios he sets up to explain where humankind is heading.

The Heaven Scenario.

Radical Evolution

The Hell Scenario. The Prevail Scenario. In Radical Evolution, bestselling author Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor for the Washington Post, shows us that we are at an inflection point in history. As you read this, we are engineering the next stage of human evolution/5(69).

Radical evolution heaven scenarios
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